Herman DeLatte

Mr. DeLatte brings significant investment management expertise to Green Ventures as a result of as long and successful career with private and public corporations in Europe. Currently, Mr. DeLatte is a partner at Solid Ventures and a venture partner at Big Bang Ventures, two leading European venture firms focused on renewable energy. Mr. DeLatte’s areas of expertise include business intelligence, business process management, and network and systems management. He combines a strong international and operational software background with six years of venture capital experience.

In 2000, he joined NeSBIC as a General Partner of the CTe Fund, a leading Dutch technology venture fund. Mr. DeLatte previously served for three years as the CEO of a clean technology company in Boston and as the COO of Micrografx, a software company based in Dallas. Prior to being named COO of Micrografx, Mr. Delatte was Senior Vice President in charge of the company’s international subsidiaries. Before joining Micrografx, Mr. DeLatte served as a Managing Director of Ashton-Tate Corporation.

During the first decades of his career, he held various management positions at Control Data Corporation and co-founded two software companies.