hydropower02Hydropower has the potential to cover a significant proportion of South Asia’s energy needs. However, hydropower has often been seen as a devastating source of energy due to its environmental and social impacts. Acknowledging the impacts of storage hydropower projects, Green Ventures focuses only on run-of-river hydropower projects. Run-of-river hydropower projects do not require large dams to create reservoirs that store water throughout the year. Instead, run-of-river hydropower projects rely on the natural course of the river and divert only that part of the water that can be used for electricity generation. As a result, run-of-river hydropower projects offer an efficient and eco-friendly answer to increasing energy demands with very limited impact on the surrounding communities and environment.

Green Ventures is currently developing several medium- to large-sized hydropower projects across Nepal, both for domestic consumption and export. For these projects, Green Ventures has entered into joint venture agreements with leading global power producers. Green Ventures will develop its projects in accordance with the Equator Principles and the World Commission on Dams’ recommendations for hydropower development. Furthermore, early in the development process Green Ventures engages with affected communities through outreach activities and innovative rural programs to ensure their active participation and a generous distribution of the projects’ benefits.