• GVV's solar lantern is very easy to use and safe. It also gives a much brighter and cleaner light than kerosene lamp and candles.              

    Ms. Poonam Chubey, Matheypur – Student

  • Since we started using GVV's solar lantern, there is no longer any smoke or indoor air pollution inside our house, making it a much healthier place to live in.              

    Mr. Trivedi, Jammurwa – Retired teacher

  • Compared to kerosene  lamps and candles that we used to use before, GVV's solar lantern helps us save a lot of money every month.                

    Mrs. Susheela, Raja Fatheypur – Housewife

  • GVV's solar lighting project provides a cost-effective solution for a better quality lighting service to the rural poor here in India.

    Mr. Rakesh Maurya, Bhadsana – Farmer